Scholarship interview questions

Published: 09th July 2010
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There are several interview procedures for different fields. There is a drastic difference in interview for the job as well as interview for the scholarship. In job interview, candidate is going to serve the company with the required skill set that he has, whereas in scholarship interviews candidate needs to please the interviewer. A part from the academic excellence in scholarship interviews officials wants to analyze the vision of the candidate, his future prospects, and his academic plans.

There are few tips given that fulfills the basic requirement for the scholarship interviews.

Precise lists of dos or don'ts are provided for the candidates.

Appearance: This does not required some complicated stuffs. Candidate just needs a clean, neat and tidy look. The only preferable clothes would be a formal wear. A shirt and the trouser work wonder for the candidate. Long hair is not advisable however if you have then tie it up with a hair band. Polished Leather shoes are preferred.

Documents: All support documents that, shows your academic record as well as your academic achievements should be enclosed. It is always advisable try to explore your other side apart from your academic achievements, such as your contributions in sports, quiz and your interests in social causes.

Interview tips:

Most of the time it also happens that interviewer is very keen to analyze your knowledge of current affairs. It might be possible that interviewer discuss something, which is out of your conventional topic that you have prepared.

Some of the key scholarship interview questions that are usually asked by the interviewers:

1- What do you know about the organization that provides the award?

2- What is the goal and the mission of the organization?

3- Why do you want scholarship?

4- How many people are there in your family?

5- Who is taking care of the family expenditure?

6- What is the annual income of the earning member of the family?

7- How will you spend the money of the scholarship?

8- What is your other mode of interest other than study?

9- Once you will complete your studies what would be your plan for the future.

10- Are you working on part-time or full-time basis anywhere?

11- What are your strengths?

12- What is your weakness?

13- Who is your ideal person?

14- Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?

In interview, it is advisable that instead of giving quick repartee, candidate needs to answer the question after a small pause. This will help candidate to understand the question in a better way and you would be able to give the answer that interviewer is looking for.

The body language is another important aspect of the interview. It is advisable to have a glass of water before entering the interview room. Inhale a breath in an accurate way. This will help in your rate of speech so that you will sound clear in your words. Candidate has to be calm if any complicated question has come, if you are not sound about any particular topic then do not divulge any knowledge about that topic as you might end up explaining the wrong thing.

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